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Welcome To Improvinglivesnotts

Welcome To Improving Lives

Based in the heart of Nottingham, Improving Lives is a registered charity providing wide-ranging support to the most vulnerable Nottingham City residents.

Based in the Community and Voluntary Service centre (NCVS) opposite the Victoria Centre, Improving Lives works with Nottingham City residents to provide support services tailored to their individual needs. We work in partnership with many services to support adults with complex health and social needs to manage the challenges they face more effectively.






Thank you for donating to our 50:50 Appeal - everybody needs panto (especially now!) https://t.co/qswwZ1G2rR

Journalists: Please reconsider ‘awareness’ pieces about anorexia with pictures of the person at their lowest weight, and detail of low-weight. They can make others’ EDs worse. They aren’t new (I was first pressured to be in one 25 years ago). They’re gratuitous, not educational.

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