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Befriending service

In 2014 , we began a befriending scheme staffed by our incredible volunteers! This programme focuses on ensuring individuals are not left feeling alone and like they have no one to talk to as a result of mental health stigmas. This involves regular visits and phone calls to those in need, ensuring they have someone to talk to when they need it the most.

We also run a monthly drop in and a fortnightly pool group.

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Every month we have a get together for our beneficiaries. This takes place on a Thursday in the NCVS building, in one of the downstairs rooms.
We have tea, coffee a biscuit and a chat and it is a very informal gathering.

At the moment one of our wonderful volunteers, Eddy comes along and inspires us all with prints and images of different artists. We have been using pastels to create some images.

Although some of us were reluctant to join in at first, have a look at these photos of our artwork and see what beautiful pictures we have been creating!
During the sessions, Eddy encourages us to all have a go and express ourselves. There is no pressure to take part and people can just chat or play cards, if they chose to.

It has been very relaxing and therapeutic to take time out to put pastels to paper and we are asking around the group if there is anything else they would like to do, either in terms of creativity or anything else.

It is a friendly, welcoming group and new members are always welcome. Ask your navigator/support worker if you would like any more information.
We keep people informed on upcoming events via our Facebook, Twitter and newsletters.

Pooling our resources

Improving Lives has started another activity for clients in the New Year, in the form of a monthly Pool Club held at Riley’s Pool Hall, St. James Street, just off the Market Square.

The sessions were borne out of our already successful monthly drop-in as a direct result of clients telling us what they wanted….which is a chance to meet each other and develop team building skills whilst having fun!

Our very first session took place on Friday 8th January where nine of us attended and played pool across two American sized tables. One table was dominated by the more advanced players, the other was for those of us just practicing…but honing our skills ready to step up to the challenge. Watch this space!

The second session, held on February 12th was another fun packed event and totalled 11 with some new faces this time around. Every one enjoyed the atmosphere and camaraderie and the newcomers all agreed that it was a great way of getting involved in something fun with a chance to meet everyone.

Here’s what two of our clients had to say,

“ The pool session was really good, worthwhile doing, nice to meet different people and good value for money” (Tom, 47)

“I really enjoyed the session. It’s great to get out and do something different with people on a similar level to me. There were no ego’s, we just all got along” ( Melanie, 26)

The date for the next session is due to be announced at the next drop-in event. It will take place sometime in March and regularly throughout the year. it is likely to be moved from a monthly slot to fortnightly, as agreed by our clients. Please look out for the dates of these.

We ask for contribution of £2 per person to cover the cost of the tables.