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Our Befriending service focuses on ensuring individuals are not left feeling alone and like they have no one to talk to as a result of mental health stigmas. This involves regular visits and phone calls to those in need, ensuring they have someone to talk to when they need it the most. We provide this service using trained volunteers. Unfortunately, we are unable to take outside referrals for this service. It is offered only to people who have received our one to one support.

Other Activities

We also run a monthly drop in and a pool group.

It is a friendly, welcoming group and new members are always welcome. Ask your navigator/support worker if you would like any more information.

We keep people informed on upcoming events via our Facebook, Twitter and Newsletters.

Here’s what two of our clients had to say,

“ The pool session was really good, worthwhile doing, nice to meet different people and good value for money ”

“ I really enjoyed the session. It’s great to get out and do something different with people on a similar level to me. There were no ego’s, we just all got along ”

We ask for contribution of £2 per person for pool to cover the cost of the tables.


It is pretty difficult to get across in words quite how different experiences of the mental health system are as a service user versus as a professional. So we must always always ask those whose views matter most esp those whose opinions challenge us and make us uncomfortable.

Myth #4... there’s no free food provision for the homeless in Nottingham. The photos below speak for themselves. No one ever needs to go hungry in this City.

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