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Fred was referred to Improving Lives by his housing patch manager, who was concerned for his physical health and mental health.

“I had made several suicide attempts and had complaints from neighbours and felt totally alone. I was drinking felt very low after a close friend died. I have physical difficulties which leaves me unable to walk unaided.”

We supported Fred with arranging a manageable debt repayment plan. We provided emotional support and visited him at home. We liaised closely with his GP and arranged for him to go to Nottingham Click drop-ins, encouraging him to keep attending his local church where he’d made friends and was a popular member. This lifted his spirits and gave him a sense of belonging in the community.


This is the plaque that has been unveiled at the Arboretum today commemorating Helen Watts the famous Nottingham suffragette, 100 years to the day when some women were first able to vote in the General Election after the passing of the Representation of the People Act

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