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Grace was referred by the police having made numerous calls to them about domestic violence. Her life spiralled out of control and she went from working in a responsible job to having her home repossessed, being evicted from a hostel to spending a short time in prison followed by being street homeless.

We supported her to set up payment plans for her debts, access GP and mental health services, specialist debt and housing advice, legal advice, attended court with her, made referrals to a range of other support agencies and acted as a point of contact for her and her family when she was street homeless.

Grace said about us: “99% of the time I could get hold of you and I know my family did their best but you offered unconditional, non-judgmental advice”.


It is pretty difficult to get across in words quite how different experiences of the mental health system are as a service user versus as a professional. So we must always always ask those whose views matter most esp those whose opinions challenge us and make us uncomfortable.

Myth #4... there’s no free food provision for the homeless in Nottingham. The photos below speak for themselves. No one ever needs to go hungry in this City.

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