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I came across Integritas in April this year. I referred myself to the service and shortly afterwards Victoria and Rachel visited me at home. Since then I’ve had help from Integritas in many different ways – they helped me to get a grant for a cooker and looked at my basic needs – things like heating and bills. They keep me up to date and informed about events and how they are getting on with my case.

Before I had support from Integritas I wanted to shut the door on everyone and felt very low and isolated. I have fund one to one home visits are really helpful when you are isolated. One of their volunteers helped me by teaching me some IT skills so I can use the internet. The staff are non judgemental and encouraging, they have given me emotional and practical support and I now have the confidence to do things like attend a focus group and now start socialising by joining Integritas’ monthly group. I come and see them in their offices rather than relying on home visits and am fighting to stay well and in control of my life.


It is pretty difficult to get across in words quite how different experiences of the mental health system are as a service user versus as a professional. So we must always always ask those whose views matter most esp those whose opinions challenge us and make us uncomfortable.

Myth #4... there’s no free food provision for the homeless in Nottingham. The photos below speak for themselves. No one ever needs to go hungry in this City.

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