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Welcome To Improvinglivesnotts

Our Purpose

Formed in 2012 as a registered charity, at Improving Lives, we have a simple common purpose. This is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable within the Nottingham City community. We aim to achieve this through being the local charity, supporting adults with complex health and social needs, through offering individualised service to empower them to manage the challenges they face, more effectively. As a result of this, it is hoped that Improving Lives will enable these individuals to make positive changes in their lives and participate in their communities.

So what makes us different?


  • We treat people like people
  • We have a broad focus and so can work with an individual’s range of challenges
  • We keep working with our users until a solution is reached
  • We have a strong track record of delivery over the last 4 years and an excellent reputation amongst service users and stakeholders
  • We have strong relationships with a wide range of agencies helping ensure that our users get the support they need
  • If we think another organisation can help, we don’t signpost but support the individual in this process
  • We have a strong team and Board with extensive experience and expertise


Our values shape the way we work and guide us on how to deliver exceptional standards of to our service users.


  • Tenacious and determined
  • Independent
  • Person centred
  • Committed to doing the best with less
  • Open to working with others
  • Committed to doing what we say
  • Flexible
  • Non judgemental
  • Compassionate
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Passionate and enjoy what we do




It is pretty difficult to get across in words quite how different experiences of the mental health system are as a service user versus as a professional. So we must always always ask those whose views matter most esp those whose opinions challenge us and make us uncomfortable.

Myth #4... there’s no free food provision for the homeless in Nottingham. The photos below speak for themselves. No one ever needs to go hungry in this City.

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