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Our Services

We have provided service users with a range of support services including, but not limited to the list below.

  • Assistance with paperwork (bills and applications)
  • Assistance and support attending services (attending health appointments, court, medicals)
  • Assistance and support with debt management
  • Advocacy regarding housing benefit payments
  • Accessing medical assistance and counselling for bereavement, trauma, depression, personality disorders and drug and alcohol use
  • Befriending to combat isolation
  • Help to learn new skills (IT, driving)
  • Help to access home adaptations




It is pretty difficult to get across in words quite how different experiences of the mental health system are as a service user versus as a professional. So we must always always ask those whose views matter most esp those whose opinions challenge us and make us uncomfortable.

Myth #4... there’s no free food provision for the homeless in Nottingham. The photos below speak for themselves. No one ever needs to go hungry in this City.

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